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Hello, I am Jenny, AeMotion's first demo program to uncover your audience's emotional motivators.

I am going to analyse data about your target audience to provide you with insights that you can easily implement to build stronger relationships and grow your costumers value.

I rely on the most complete neuroscience-based system for audiences' emotional understanding.

Ready to start?

Here we go!

How old is your audience?

What genre is your audience?

Where is your audience based?

What is your audience occupation?

What is your audience's salary?

What problems that get ideally fixed by your product/service does your audience have?

What desires and hopes that get ideally reached thanks to your product/service does your audience have?

What makes your brand different than your competitors?

What makes your product/service different than any other?

How does your audience look for information to fix their problems?

How do they interact with your brand on Social Media?

When are they shown to lose interest in your product/service?

How important for your audience are reviews along the sales journey?

How long before they become clients since they discover your brand?

In what occasion are they shown to purchase similar products/services the most?

What feature are they shown to value the most about similar products/services?

What is more important for them when utilising similar products/services?

What types of communities related to these types of brands they are shown to engage the most with?

Here is a list of platforms you can connect to analyse your audience's behaviour. Select the ones that apply to your case.

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