Case Study

Healthcare Brand

-20.55% Impressions

-69.39% Clicks


+48.82% Impressions

+182.88% Clicks


This case is about a Healthcare Brand which on the one hand operates as a school for new therapists and on the other hand provides individual therapy sessions. Their customer’s journey was leading to a lead magnet on their website, followed by email marketing campaigns to provide value and convert.


They were sending monthly newsletters to their community and posting content on social media. However, they were getting progressively lower engagement and fewer service requests.

Despite the frequent communication, it seemed as if their community was losing interest in the information and the services offered.


They felt like the community was still good, however, they were missing the right spot to connect with them.

So, they came to us to gather deeper and more reliable data about their audience’s motivators. They wanted to implement our insights to re-activate their existing community to increase their engagement and ultimately promote a 3-year course they were about to start.

  • Re-activate the community
  • Increase engagement
  • Get new students for the next course

Strategy and Approach

We started our audience’s behavioural analysis process with the objective of identifying their customers’ emotional motivators and how these were changing along the sales journey.

Our goal was also to identify if there were separate groups with different hidden motivators within the same community.

Following this, alongside identifying hidden problems and desires, their community was shown to mainly be harmony-oriented, caring, and cordial.

Their interest in these kinds of services was shown to be mainly motivated by:

  • A sense of Family and Home – a place to feel comfortable and not ashamed of themselves or their ideas
  • A feeling of being Seen and Understood
  • A feeling of Security and Safety

They were also shown to be averse to a feeling of Isolation.

They were also shown to be motivated by a desire for Rebellion against what is usually perceived as normal therapy. 

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