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This case study is about a leading tailor factory specialised in making custom-made suits, shirts, and overcoats. Based in Thailand, they have been expanding to foreign markets in Europe and USA. Their vision is to offer handcrafted solutions to any person’s unique body style and size. 


To increase brand awareness in Europe and the US, they were running periodical tours there. And in the occasion of each tour, they were running ads on Meta to bring awareness and attract new clients. However, they were getting appointments at a high cost and leads were not highly qualified. Whilst they allocated more ad budget, offering higher discounts, the results remained unchanged.


They came to us to gather deeper and more reliable data about their audience’s emotional motivators in order to implement these insights in their strategies to: 

  • Increase Outreach 
  • Capture a higher number of qualified leads
  • Increase the number of appointments 
  • Raise local brand awareness for future tours
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Lower cost per acquisition

Strategy and Approach

Their initial conviction was that the higher the discount was, the more clients they would convert.

Their main target audience were bankers, brokers, and people who work wearing a suit every day.

We started our audience’s behavioural analysis process with the objective of identifying their customers’ emotional motivators and how these were changing along the sales journey.

Our goal was also to identify if there were separate groups with different hidden motivators within the same audience.

Following this, alongside identifying hidden problems and desires, their target audience was shown to mainly be extroverted, individualist, in love with diversification, autonomous, and open to challenges.

Their interest in these kinds of services was shown to be mainly motivated by:

  • A sense of Exclusivity
  • A feeling of being Special and Unique - different from anyone else
  • A feeling of Tingling and Excitement

They were also shown to be averse to a feeling of Boredom and being Standard.

A part of them was also shown to be motivated further down the sales journey by a need for Security. Considering that they would get the suits shipped at home after the tour was finished, they needed particular reassurance that they were truly going to get them on time and with no issues.

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